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CohenFest 2016, July 4-5, Telecom ParisTech

Coding theory and more generally the mathematics of communication form a field that has benefited many times from a rich interplay between theory and practice.

This event in honour of Gerard Cohen's 64'th birthday will provide a forum that aims to prolong this tradition and will be open to all aspects of coding theory and combinatorics.

The objectives of this 2-day workshop are:

  • To bring together friends, colleagues and representatives of the applied and theoretical communities that study the mathematics of communication, especially involving codes and combinatorics.

  • To highlight recent advances in coding and combinatorics, and to identify techniques that could be applied in other contexts.

  • To spread appreciation of the power of mathematics and the important role that it plays in communications engineering, and to help understand the different cultures associated with mathematics and engineering.


 Organising Committee: Sihem Mesnager, Hugues Randriam, Gilles Zemor

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